Halifax, Barclays, HSBC... Still Owe £40 Billion for PPI Scandal. Find Out What They May Owe You

By The Claimsgeek

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As many as 64 million PPI policies have been sold in the UK, mostly between 1990 and 2010.*

What is PPI? What is this Scandal About?

Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) was sold with products that you need to make repayments on such as Credit Cards, Mortgages, and Loans. In the event of an accident, sickness, or unemployment you would be covered on from making the payments.

The scandal is that banks and lenders often sold us PPI - without telling us. If you have any of the following you many have been paying for PPI

Deadline Approaching

The final deadline has officially been set by the FCA to ensure that all are being held accountable under one of the biggest banking scandals in the country’s history.

There have already been millions of UK citizens that have been awarded substantial compensation from the pot of £40bn set to cover the payouts.

“Those seeking compensation over mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI) will have to make their claims before 29 August 2019”- BBC

How do I find out if I have a claim?

You could go back and check through each account that you opened from Credit Cards and Finance Agreements, to any Loan or Mortgage. You would then need to contact each company separately, make sure you have all the right documents, and start the correspondence process collecting all of your evidence. Or You could do it the quick, easy, and painless way by having us do it for you.

Use our free check and find out if you are owed £000's

How Do I Find Out If I’m Due A Refund?

PPI was most often sold by adding it onto policies and without asking people if they wanted it or not.We work closely with top Claims Management Firms to provide a FREE PPI Checking Service Remember…if you’re not checking you could be missing out on your chance to claim back thousands. Simply answer the question below to Get Started